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Socio-epistemology that has a social character is an important issue in Christian
education, for with this character, educator will bring liberation to the education process.
The real liberation is the humanization of people from alienation, oppression, domination,
and indoctrination. Ontological vocation of the educator that brings humanization, will
take place in critical education and human philosophy. The correlation between critical
education and human philosophy becomes the starting point for the educator when
applying liberation in the context of reality experienced by the student.
The student in the humanization process are not the object but, the subject of the
process. This alteration will only take place by the interruption of the educator. The
interruption does not direct or indoctrinate the student, but bring them out of the given
reality. Socio-epistemology that has social character brings liberation because it is based
on the present realities as an effort to discover a new reality. This new reality becomes a
transformational effort of the educator and the student.
Liberation education uses dialogue as a method to achieve humanization.
Dialogue will take place in humility, love, hope, and trust in humanization, for dialogue
is an encounter between subjects. Liberation education has an orientation towards critical
consciousness. Intentionality will take place only when both the educator and the students
respect, appreciate, and accept each other. Intentionality makes the dialogue possible
because there is an equal dignity between human beings.

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